The Richard Montgomery Fan Club

As part of the PROMENADE FESTIVAL the Sheppey Writers Group will be reading bits and pieces in the style of Dickens at Harty Church, All Saints in Eastchurch and Castle Connections in Queenborough.

We hope that we manage the readings before the Richard Montgomery explodes.

Residents of the Isle of Sheppey are always aware, or reminded of the Richard Montgomery and its explosive load sitting out in the estuary waiting for the day of the Big Bang.

For fans of The Navy Lark, the wrecking of the ship smacks of HMS Troutbridge and Leslie Phillips classic navigational instruction “Left hand down a bit” and the sudden disaster that follows.  All good radio fun.

So, when we sit reading our work, chatting and plotting events or our involvement in same in the Ship on Shore pub we are often thinking of the disaster waiting to happen on the other side of the sea wall.  When the night ends with the usual whimper we are glad that the Richard Montgomery is still there.

We have learned to love it; look for the masts at low tide and point to the yellow markers that tell us where it is, and we feel glad that it is there nurturing our anxiety, creating tension and giving us a reason to worry.  It is natural that a gradual appreciation develops into affection and so, as a result of its menacing influence, we begin the Richard Montgomery Fan Club (RMFC) and open it up to all members.

Some may think that the founder members of the RMFC are a bunch of tired old twits, but some of our members are highly educated, and others are ScFi writers capable of arguing scientifically the merits or otherwise of the Big Bang theory – which brings us back to The Richard Montgomery and its possible Big Bang.

Register your interest by sending us comments and your thoughts on the fate of The Richard Montgomery.  Oh, and turn up to listen to the readings.

Click on the link above for a short movie of the Richard Montgomery.


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