Peter Apps

 Most writers at some time during their career want to see their work published and the Sheppey and Sittingbourne Writers Group is no exception.  

So, we begin with Peter Apps writing Sci-fi with his novel The Long Way Round

It is best described in the words of the publisher.

Book cover

Sci-fi novel by Peter Apps

“Space heroes are usually macho and clever enough to discover an alien’s weak point then zap him into oblivion. Stuart is a high school drop-out who is destined to spend the rest of his life laying carpets until he stumbles across Brian’s project.  Suddenly, he finds himself with a new job – working on a space station and exploring a distant galaxy.  Will his adventures saving an alien race give him the weapon he really needs – the courage to overcome his inhibitions? And will he ever tell Brian how he really feels about him?

Sometimes, one has to go the long way round just to find out what is right in front of him.”

Enjoy this romp across the cosmos as Stuart and Brian, and even Stuart’s dad, discover more than little green men in The Long Way Round by Peter Apps

Read a review of this book 

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