James Apps

James Apps lives on the Isle of Sheppey in a flat where he has the privilege of acting as unpaid servant to a black cat.  A poet, writer and artist he runs his own website and blogs a lot.

His book Jake’s Progress is the story of Jackson Irons, a struggling alcoholic who becomes caught up in solving the mystery of his past and reconciling his life with his family In Australia. Living in Sheerness and looked after by the Mission run by the Reverend Coates, Jake begins to suspect a serial killer who murders the vulnerable, the loners and the old – people like him – is getting too close for his comfort.

Jake's Progress

A Story set in and around Sittingbourne and Sheerness

Against the advice of his friends and the the disapproval of Detective Royston Smollet, Jake sets out to find the killer risking his life and that of his friend George.  Jake, having to come to terms with a terrible accident in a South Australian steel works has difficulty separating truth from fiction but when his son contacts him from Australia he begins to see the end of his troubles.  But has he left it too late?

An observation of the human condition Jake’s Progress explores a world the ordinary person does not see and peppered with some lively characters leads the reader through the mind of an alcoholic to an unexpected conclusion.

Website: www.islandartist.org

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