The S&SWG have a few writers whose work is published and includes Poetry, Crime novels, Science Fiction and Short Stories.  We will feature some of the work on these pages and say a little about the author’s.

We also have friends whose books and other publications will be mentioned – the intention being to show off as many Swale writers as we can.

There are a lot of writers living in the Swale Borough whose work reflects the area and is often overlooked – hopefully we will help to put that right.

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    ISBN 978-1-4452-2724-5 90000


    This book is replete with the spectrum of human emotions. It also gives the reader fleeting glimpses into the real lives of hard men who work and fight with equal ferocity; of men who are tough and labour in dangerous occupations where a lapse of concentration or one careless oversight brings immediate and violent death. And liquor has its compensations!

    Jake is Jackson Irons. He is a down and out, a drunkard, a failure in life and a bum. The AA could not do anything to cure him; he still suffers from the DT’s. But he does have lucid intervals. It is during these that we get frequent flashbacks of what his life was like in southern Australia. Right now he finds himself back in old Blighty. Not having made much success of his life out there he has had to return. He finds a place of refuge in a Mission. That is in Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. He goes there because he is recommended by the Health Services. The Centre is run by the Rev. Coates, an ex-army officer. He, together with George and Moses, another assistant, do their best to turn Jake round.

    Jake ekes out his humdrum life, going from one day to the next. Suddenly, things start to go awry. A murder is committed. It is of a woman. She has been knifed and left to die. Not long afterwards the killer strikes again. This time it is a man. And then he kills again. Now, who is this serial killer? Why does he kill? Why with the knife? And just how does he manage to gain access to the victim’s premises without breaking in? Why is Jake being followed? Will he be coming for Jake? Is Jake going to be next? Or is it mere paranoia? The questions keep on coming. Jake becomes the sleuth. In his own way he joins forces with Sergeant Smollet who is officially investigating the murders. And so it goes on, and on. The plot slowly unravels and it is a gripping one.

    The story of Jake is written in the first person. Most of it is in direct speech. Although the singular language employed by the author in this form may sound initially offensive to a sensitive reader, its sole purpose, which is to generate the reality of the life as lived by Jake, soon becomes apparent. It is artfully constructed and very skilfully presented.

    Because this reviewer has a working knowledge of the courts, it soon became apparent that Jake’s appearance before the local Justices who were addressed by his lawyer as Your Honour instead of Your Worship, or Sir or Madam, simply did not ring true. However, this is only one insignificant factor in what is good book and it detracts not a bit from the story.

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable whodunit.

    Karm Arger
    17th January 2012

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