We call this page Lynx because it has a list of links and sites we are interested in.  You could say that the editor has a puerile sense of humour but that would be unkind, it is simply that the idiot likes cats. is the link to the publishing branch of the Sheppey Writer’s Group.  This incorporates a shop, information about publishing and leads to links to individuals using the site.


A recommended link to aspiring writers.

One place for new writers to air their ideas and strut their literary stuff is Shortbread Stories so I add the link for you to try.  You join up with them and submit short stories which are read and commented on by other writers.


GAP  Green Arrow Publications

A new website for writers: From John Dench of Green Arrow Publishing (GAP).  John publishes small books in partnership with the writer and offers an advisory service at a reasonable cost.  He runs workshops for all aspects of writing and encourages new writers and writing.  His flagship publication Scriptor is an excellent publication to submit material.

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