Bill Anthony – A Tribute


By James Apps

Bill Anthony, wandering poet, writer, artist, family man who arrived in the UK from India educated in an English school has passed away, his heart and body giving up and leaving us the less for his passing.  Sentimental stuff maybe but Bill was a lively, interesting man with a wicked sense of humour, a smile for everybody and a man who cared not only for his family but also for his friends in a warm and loving fashion that touched all of us who knew him.


Bill enjoying a pint and a chat after a poetry evening in Faversham.

We will miss him and his unique take on his art, his stories which had a flavour touched, as we once suggested, with a hint of curry.  Bill was a Catholic and often sent me e-mails with some wonderful pictures and inspiring thoughts, for which I was grateful.  Proud too of the land of his birth he wasted no time in sending me such gems that showed India in all its erratic and eccentric glory,  Railway Trains overloaded, beautiful scenes, fantastic parades, comic situations and all sorts of snippets to make me think or to laugh.  I thank him for that.

I have known Bill for only seven years or so but it seems as if he was a life long friend and for me he will always be in my memory.

Any comments you wish to send please send them to the site or to me at  so that I can send them to his family.

4 thoughts on “Bill Anthony – A Tribute”

  1. Please tell Bills family that we are sending our wishes for healing to them all, we have lit a candle for Bill in honour of him and his lovely presence and to ask for Gods blessings to bestowed upon him and his family. I will remember his lovely stories and the way he had of making something simple sound so very special. I’m sure he is at peace now with no more pain. Love and light to you. Valerie

  2. Nicolette Baker said:

    I only knew Bill briefly through a handful of writer’s meetings but found him a lovely, interesting and intelligent man. His stories were an insight into the diverse and colourful life he has lead. They were also fun. Our meetings will be the emptier for his passing. He will be sorely missed.
    My thoughts are for his family.
    Nikki Baker

  3. One of life’s true gentleman.

  4. We, (my wife and I) came to meet and know Bill through our writers’ group just over two years ago. It is a tribute to his fine character that we soon ecame friends. He was an entertaining raconteur and wrote not only some interesting pieces but also was a good artist. We well remember how we wandered in Oare with him and James spouting English poetry to all those who would listen. Quite successfully too!

    The last time we met Bill was in Februaury this year on the eve of our journey abroad. He was his usual jovial self and we never guessed that we would not see him again. Sorry Bill there was not enough time then to buy you your favourite pint. You will be missed.

    Rest in Peace.

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