Autumn Competition – Winning Poems

We will put them in order of first place to third.

Number 1

The Bargeman by Gillian Moyes

They gave me a wheel but no barge to steer.
These days I watch the shoppers –
mothers like mallards with ducklings in tow,
that woman rushing from the bank
her grey suit soft as a heron’s.

I miss the waddlers and waders,
a full tide, red sails blossoming
whipping us along the Swale
when I was in charge of men,
our craft, its cargo.

I miss those mornings of stillness
at low water, the trickling creek
the sucking and bubbling of mudflats
pulsing with worms.

These days I wait for rain,
the spray in my face. While I stand here
land locked. My sails are furled.

Number 2

The Place by Jean Clarke 

What is this place that I behold
Wjat is this place with fields of gold
What is this place that stands in glory
Where all its past can tell a story.

How beautiful and proud it stands
Just on top of Kent North Downs
Where is this place with winding lanes that have no end
With wonderful views around each bend
What is this place that once its men worked out its land
Where once it was all done with hardened hand
What makes this place so special
With its Oasts and farms softly nestled.

What is this place, well this I know
Its magical beauty is all to show
So look for this place
And it will appear
A place and land we hold so dear
No matter in life where you roam
This is the place you will always call home.

Number 3

Angel From Above by Jean Roberts 

The Birds twittered on the rooftop high
The early morning dawning –
A lovely blue sky
A few flew off to a garden below
“Are you coming” they said
“No you go”
“You all go and have some fun –
I’m staying here to catch the rays of the sun”

They all flew off and left here there
On the rooftop – she stayed and stared
The sun shone bright and warmed her feathers
She hoped theer wouldn’t be a change in the weather.

She stood there while catching the rays of the sun
When on of the other birds – who’d been having fun
Came back to join her after his food hunt was done.
“I’ve brought you a morsel that I found down there –
You must be feeling hungry –
Just sitting there to stare”

“The beauty of this Earth fills my body full
With Energy enough to fly when I’m called”

They stayed sitting for a while on that rooftop high
Until a gentle breeze came blowing by
That was her call – for that White Dove to go
Angel From Above
To help ‘someone’ below.

 I hope you have enjoyed our winner’s poems. 


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