About Us

The Sheppey Writer’s Group is currently based on the Isle of Sheppey.  Currently we meet at the Napier pub in the afternoons but are contemplating running some evening meetings at the Rose Cottage of Curiosities in Sheerness one evening a month during the warm weather as a trial.

In the past few years we have added publication of local writers to our list of activities and for 2019 we are planning an Anthology in conjunction with Sheppey Promenade theme based around Women of WW1 and the Suffragette movement. We are planning events to link up with the activities around the island and with Rose Cottage.

Harty Church

A view of Harty Church – one of the oldest on the island

We are members of the Swale Arts Forum and through the Forum we take part in activities organised by Forum members.  We have taken part in charity events, Artists in the Woods as Wandering Poets, attended book launches  and our own authors have launched books of their own.

In the past we supported the Swale Arts Festival offering poetry workshops and similar events in the Swale Borough.  Today we have decided to run a Poetry Competition and in the coming year we expect to plan some workshops and readings.


Also see  Events page for date and contacts. 

Sheppey:  The Sheerness East Working Men’s Club, Queenborough Road, Halfway 

Second Tuesday of the month at 2 – 4pm 

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  1. Hey – This is something I might be interested in – is there an email or something to talk to someone to find out more.

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