James Apps – on his own work.

According to my last entry I was reading volume one of the Zradian Chronicles and enjoying it very much even if I did write it myself. I was about to embark on reading volume two and now I have read all three.  I enjoyed following my characters through the story, laughed at the jokes I had put in, felt the fear and triumphs of Julian and Angela and winced at times at the nastiness of the corrupt President.

As a writer, you do get involved in your story, and you all think that it is the best tale ever told at times. At other times you feel like apologising for what is a weak and trite tale. However, it is your baby, yours to bring to maturity and your responsibility.  You have a responsibility to give your reader entertainment, a story that appeals, a duty to get things right and and to make sure that when you edit the text you also make sure you iron out the typos, the spelling mistakes and language.

Hence, following the last paragraph, I am reading through the book again with editor’s eyes to weed out the errors I have made – yes, I picked a few out which means I will find more. One character has no place in the tale so he will have to go and there are a few little situations that can do with a little attention. I have the time now we are in Lockdown.

However, in conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed what I was reading. For those of you who are not that interested in Sci Fi – be not afraid, the story is a comedy rather than Sci Fi – I am not a fan of serious Sci -Fi, more Douglas Adams  – I like a bit of fun in my reading.