What is happening?

Recent events have changed the Sheppey Writers Group, if not completely but enough to stir us up a little. This year, 2019, we tried a monthly meeting of writers at the Rose Cottage of Curiosities in Rose Street Sheerness. The idea was to explore methods of writing prose and poetry, creating a discussion group with the intention of forming a core group of writers willing to read or perform.

The result was that we have decided to form the Rose Cottage Society of Poets (or change the title if we think we need to) meeting on the last Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. The objective is to form a group of poets who will launch themselves on the the local society and wider to read an recite poetry.

This group is in addition to the Writers Group but will complement it.

The Napier Pub is closing so the 3rd of December was the last meeting there of the group  which means we will be searching for a new afternoon meeting place. Watch the Facebook space and the new site courtesy of Ed Currie.  Ed is providing a site that will  act as a hub for arts and crafts on the Isle of Sheppey.



As for events and such; the last one this year will be Christmas Readings at the Rose Cottage of Curiosities on 13th December at 7pm. Some refreshments will be available.