Since the last posts added to the site the group has added some new books to its fold and is working on an Anthology relating to the 2018 Sheppey Promenade theme “Women in WW1” commemorating the centenary of the end of the Great War. The subject was the role of women in WW1, in particular the Suffragettes and their struggle for women’s franchise.

I have to say that we struggled with the themes in 2014 and 2018 to a point but as an exercise it worked and we have produced a body of work with contributions from local writers. This will be produced as a book on sale later this year.

In addition to this effort intend to produce a book of Christmas stories.

The group will likely be running meetings at least once a month at the Rose Cottage of Curiosities in Sheerness – possibly on a Monday. We will have more news on this later during the year.

There is a move toward doing more readings and performances – going back to the days when we did a few more public appearances.

As editor of the site I will keep you up to date.