What happens when some silly bugger says “I know, let’s make a movie” with an eager look that shows he has already made up his mind to go ahead?


Poster distributed for the movie

You end up writing scripts, acting out parts, worrying about the deadline you have set for it to be complete and ready to show and hoping that it works. The movie Flight of Fancy by Sheppey Writers was a response to the 2016 Sheppey Promenade theme Flight.

In the meantime we also arranged the Readings in a Country Church as part of the Promenade Festival and of course continued writing short stories, poems and some continuing to write novels. That does not mean to say we stood still although with a little confusion and some thoughtful deliberation we are also changing our meeting times and venue. The new times are 8pm on 1st Tuesday and at 2:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at The Napier in Sheerness. The 2:30 meeting will be for readings and discussion and the 8pm meeting will be mostly for discussion with readings.

All writers are welcome to this former haunt of Uwe Johnson.

So, what about the movie?

Flight of Fancy, the movie, used original work by Sheppey Writers, stories adapted by Sheppey Writers and an eyewitness account of a raid on the Eastchurch RAF Airfield during WWII. Ranging from the flight of James II through a WWI account of a German Gotha raid, the story of early flight, poems and a comic tale to end with the WWII tale and a tribute to those who gave their all, the movie has a small insight into the history of flight on Sheppey.

Thanks to Larry O’Flynn for the use of his public bar, the Swale College Media Studies Class fro their contribution, Jack Bee and Sheppey FM for support and readings, and for Cllr. Mark Ellen who contributed a voice and some funds to help us pay for the work.

As for the bloke who suggested it – he worked hard, had to face deadline that was almost impossible given he had to do most of the production, and all of the post-production work. Peter Apps, whose idea it was, and wilfully encouraged by myself, and more or less supported by the rest of the writers’ group.

That we needed to rehearse readings before filming never occured to us, or that a Green Screen may have worked for one movie but was not the best in these conditions, or that filming live in a bar was not as easy as it seemed, but it got done on time.

Undaunted we are now contemplating making more movies and telling stories and reading poems in our own program on Sheppey FM radio.

In addition to publishing books for local authors, we are doing all right.

Visit Sheppey Films for information about Flight of Fancy and other movies.