Just starting to get the idea - traditional Christmas scene for some.

Just starting to get the idea – traditional Christmas scene for some.

I expect you have noticed that it is that time of the year again when we are supposed to remind ourselves of the message of Christmas as opposed to simply another pagan festival.

So, this year Primary schools are putting on their Nativity Plays and including some of the suggested characters when in reality the story is best told traditionally with the right number of characters – note that when a Church Community enact the scene they do it with the characters from the bible – also the right idea.  This is a Christian story.

Okay, rant duly established.  What I am annoyed about is the way as the years have passed how Christmas has evolved into Greedymas and the message of the nativity play is lost so the message of life, hope, love and giving that Christianity offers at this time of the year is also lost.

Black Friday, borrowed from the USA by retailers, is the latest example of how the message is getting lost.  People talk of a ‘Traditional Christmas’ not actually realising that traditions have changed beyond recognition from that depicted on many Christmas Cards.  Tradition seems to be now to buy as much as you can, eat as much as you can, drink to excess and watch crappy movies on TV.

What is this idiot on about you ask?

Sheppey Writers will be doing their bit to amuse and confuse you by posting Christmas stories on this site which I hope you will enjoy.  Dunno how it will turn out but let’s hope for the best.