We are heading into the time of commemorating the advent of WWI and although as a group we have resisted this realising that what happened 100 years ago is history, we are planning to take part a little.  Not because we expect to do a ‘thing’ about WWI but because at the moment it concentrates our thoughts on short writing pieces.  2009_0623poppies0343

We are planning some great things for this year and we want to be ready to carry them through as well as take part in the 2014 Promenade event.  So, the theme is short fiction based around the 1914 – 18 conflict – with apologies.

We have a new author on our list who will be launching his book of short stories next month – a moderate mystery at the moment but more soon when arrangements are finalised.

In the meantime let us go with a theme of poppies – the symbol of remembrance each year and a story of the flowers of Flanders fields.

Poppies like to seed in disturbed soil – plough the ground and they will grow or where animals disturb it, or they are shoved out of the fields during tilling to the edge.   One year a farmer allowed the poppies to grow in his rapeseed fields near Boxley.  It was quite pretty.

Also realise that the bright red of the poppy is also the colour of love – Cupid’s Red.