Attached is a PDF that Peter Apps put together as a brief guide to publishing.  The notes are just that – a guide – but it is a good working document for the moment.

Peter has saved us a lot of effort by working on creating a template for a book, and is working on another for a cover.  Through TAUP – the publishing site we, as a writer’s group can begin to produce publications that look professional, are professional and will have an identity as part of a local publishing house based on Sheppey.

The idea is to create a local publishing base, to share costs plus create some momentum for publicity beyond the shores of Sheppey.

How ever you work, the steps outlined are useful to follow because they will give you realistic deadlines.  Taking your time means that you probably wilt procrastinate and never get that book on the shelves.

I am about to take the plunge with The Reluctant Hero the first volume of The Zradian Chronicles.  The major restructuring and editing is done and now it is a matter checking to make sure that the gaps are right, the story lines tie up and I have eliminated the typos.